Thursday, 27 October 2011

Life is here's a picture of moldy banana bread!

Getting back into the groove of writing is pretty tough, I fairly admit. Especially when one's life consists of a set routine that mostly goes like this - sleep, get up, go out to appointment/class/shop around, come home, eat lunch, read, read some more, go on computer, make dinner, watch tv, eat dinner, watch more tv, go to sleep. That's my average day in a nutshell, little to no thought required. So it comes as no surprise when I struggle to think of something to write, anything to get my mind out of pilot mode. Here I am, sitting at my computer, staring at a blank screen, my mind focused on nothing, my eyes roaming to the movie I'm watching on tv. Dammit, what happened to my creative juices? No doubt it needs a little laxative to get going since it's all jammed up like my grandfather's bowels.

In the meantime though, enjoy this picture of my moldy piece of banana bread, as promised.

Pic_1026_013 by Michael Lyne

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